Canton High School Symphonic Band Featured on FoxCT’s Holiday Wishes!

FoxCT was in Canton recently to interview District Music Supervisor John F. Mastroianni and film the Canton High School Symphonic Band perform the classic “Sleigh Ride.”

Here is the Canton Compass Article discussing the event and some links to pictures from the Fall High School Instrumental Concert.

CHS Chamber Singers Men Singing Coney Island Baby

The CHS Chamber Singers performed at Cherry Brook Primary School, Cherry Brook Health Center, and the First Congregational Church of Canton on Wednesday, December 10th. Here is a part of their performance – some of the CHS Chamber Singers Men in their rendition of “Coney Island Baby.” Enjoy!

Weekly Update 11/28/14 Concert Season!

It’s concert season! We hope to see you at some of our upcoming middle and high school concerts.


7th Grade Chorus & 8th Grade Chorus

The 7th & 8th grade concerts are fast approaching. The 8th grade concert is Wednesday, December 17th at 7:00 PM and the 7th grade concert is Thursday, December 18th at 7:00 PM. Student call time is 6:30 PM in the auditorium. All students should wear white shirts and black pants (no skirts or form-fitting clothing). Boys should wear a long tie. All should wear black or dark dress shoes.

Students in Middle School Chamber Singers are reminded they need to be at both concerts.


Website Calendar Events Not Displaying Correctly

You may have noticed the website calendar of events displayed on the far right of any page on the website is not listing events correctly. So far I have not been able to diagnose the exact problem but the district music calendar linked under the calendar page still works correctly.    Please keep an eye on that page for any upcoming events and I will try to get the upcoming events list fixed soon.

Mr. Gottheimer’s bi-Weekly Update # 9 & # 10 (10/24/14 – 10/31/14)

Weekly Update # 9 & # 10

I have been finding that the bi-weekly updates seem to be more reasonable lately. I look forward to you commenting on what you are reading and ask any questions about what is happening in the choral classroom here at CMS and CHS. – Mr. G

It’s that time of year for the High School: “Fiddler on the Roof” – Audition information will be posted this on the link above and outside the choral classroom this week. Stay tuned!


Mr. Gottheimer’s Weekly Update # 7 & # 8 (10/10/14 – 10/17/14)

Weekly Update # 7 & # 8

Here is the weekly update on what’s happening in the chorus classroom here at CMS and CHS. 

(This week I am updating for the past two weeks. We had a shortened week this past week and plenty of events starting to happen.)


7th Grade Chorus 

Students in 7th grade chorus-only had note naming quizzes to label both treble and bass clef. Students in chorus and band will be having one more week of review and will have quizzes next week.   Students can review online on searching for note names in both Treble and Bass Clef.  Students were introduced to their third song, “When I Close My Eyes” by Jim Papoulis.

8th Grade Chorus

With the Veterans Day Assembly coming up students were assigned to post a comment in their class page where they type up versus 2 and versus 3 of My Country Tis of Thee in order to help with memorization.

Students began working on their new piece, a gospel style-arrangement of “Rockin’ Jerusalem”.  As we explained in class, the word “Rockin'” does not mean music in the “Rock and Roll” genre but rather


Mr. Gottheimer’s Weekly Update # 6 (10/3/14)

Welcome to week 6!

Here is the weekly update on what’s happening in the chorus classroom here at CMS and CHS. 

Welcome to the month of October. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at school for over a month now.


7th Grade Chorus 

Students in 7th grade reviewed note names in both clefs again. The class wasn’t quite ready for quizzes last week so they will happen this coming week.  Students can review online on searching for note names in both Treble and Bass Clef. The choir also listened to a recording of “It Don’t Mean a Thing” by the “Real Group” as inspiration for rehearsing their version of the piece.

8th Grade Chorus

Students in 8th grade had music theory quizzes this week on note and rest identification as well as a review of note names in bass and treble clef.  Students who wish to do a redo on any quiz should come see Mr. Gottheimer to sign up for extra after school help any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday right after school.

MS Chamber Singers

MS Chamber Singers had their third rehearsal this week.   We are solidifying our choices of repertoire and have already completely sung through one of our songs. As we say in class though, that doesn’t mean we are “done learning” as ensemble, tuning, dynamics and work on other aspects of expression are still needed to get the pieces performance ready.


Mr. Gottheimer’s Weekly Update #5 (9/26)

Welcome to week 5!

Here is the weekly update on what’s happening in the chorus classroom here at CMS and CHS. 


7th Grade Chorus 

Students in 7th grade chorus worked on beginning music theory this week.  We reviewed note names in treble clef and students were introduced to reading bass clef. Quizzes will be happening later next week or the following week depending on how in-class review goes so students should be reviewing their music theory packets at home. Students also listened to a recording of “Camptown Races” by the professional choir “Chanticleer”. Camptown races is one of three songs in a Stephen Foster medley students are learning for their Winter Concert.

8th Grade Chorus

Students in 8th grade also worked on music theory – a quick review of note names from last year along with rhythmic identification (identifying note and rest types).  Students continued to work on sight singing and their Veterans Day music.

MS Chamber Singers

MS Chamber Singers had their second rehearsal this week.   Rehearsals are every Monday evening 6:30-7:30 PM (arrive at 6:20 please!) and we still welcome new students to join for our third rehearsal.   That is the last rehearsal students can join however so be sure to be there if you


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