8th Grade Percussion

8th Grade Percussion class meets weekly on Tuesdays according to Instrumental Lessons schedule.

 Requirements for 8th Grade Percussion Class


Stick Bag/Mallet case

Pr. Drum sticks (med.)

Pr. Drum sticks (light)

* Pr. Drum sticks (heavy)

Pr. Unwound mallets (hard)

Pr. Yarn/cord mallets (med.)

* Pr. Timpani mallets (med. hard)

Looseleaf notebook, notepaper

Pencils (min. 2)

Standard of Excellence book 2 – Drums & Mallet Percussion


*New item. Inspect all other items (from 7th Grade); replace any items broken or misplaced.


Instruments/Items necessary for home practice:


 Snare drum or practice pad on stand

Mallet percussion instrument

Music stand



Course available to:


8th Grade Percussion students enrolled in 8th Grade Band.


Course description:


Preparation for in-depth study of Total Percussion concepts offered at the High School level.

Includes study and practice in all five major disciplines of Percussion-

  1. Snare drum and related instruments
  2. Mallet instruments- Bells, Xylophone, Vibraphone and Marimba
  3. Timpani
  4. Drum kit and Multiple Percussion
  5. Percussion accessory instruments and World Percussion

Topics include techniques of the various percussion instruments, music reading concepts (rhythmic and melodic), nomenclature with regard to Percussion and to music in general. Course consists of rotating schedule including Percussion Classes, Marching Percussion, Percussion Ensemble and Rehearsal Techniques.



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