Advanced Percussion

Advanced Percussion class meets weekly during Symphonic Band.

Requirements for Advanced Percussion Class


Stick bag/mallet case                                         Set of 4 Yarn/cord mallets (soft)

Pr. Drum sticks (med.)                                       *Pr. Yarn/cord mallets (hard)

Pr. Drum sticks (light)                                        Pr. Timpani mallets (med. hard)

Pr. Drum sticks (heavy)                                     *Pr. Timpani mallets (med. soft)

Pr. Drum sticks (med. light, plastic tip)              Pitchpipe or tuning fork

Pr. Brushes                                                         Drum key

Pr. Unwound mallets (hard)                               Black hand towel

*Pr. Unwound mallets (med. or soft)             Looseleaf notebook, notepaper

Set of 4 Yarn/cord mallets (med.)                      Pencils (min. 2)


*New items. Inspect all other items (from Applied Percussion); replace if necessary.


Instruments/Items necessary for home practice:


Snare drum

Practice pad on stand

Mallet percussion instrument (upgrade to full-size instrument strongly recommended)

Music stand(s)


Drum kit (if desired)


Course available to:


Percussion students enrolled in Symphonic Band. Pre-requires completion of Freshman and Applied Percussion courses and/or recommendation by instructor.


Course Description:


Further exploration into the world of Percussion.  Includes drumset tuning, miking and recording, Drums/Percussion products and equipment, drumhead selection and replacement, Electronic Percussion/drum machines/MIDI and improvisation. Advanced techniques on snare, drum set, timpani, Latin Percussion and mallets (Burton and Stevens four-mallet grips studied in-depth).









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