CBPS Music Events

2016-2017 CBPS Music Events:


Monday, February 13th  – Family Folk Dance

6:30-7:30 pm in CBPS In Cafeteria

Everyone is invited!  (Snow date 2/29th)

February 13th-17th – Music in Our School Week – (parents are invited to attend their child’s music class)


Wednesday, April 5th – 3rd grade Recorder Concert at 9:45-10:30 am  In Gym

(3rd grade parents & 2nd grade students are invited)


Friday, May 5th – 1st grade Cinco de Mayo Celebration at 10:00 am

(1st grade parents & Kindergarten students are invited)  In Gym

Friday, May 19th – May Dance Celebration – Everyone is invited

9:30-10:15 am & 1:45-2:30 pm*

(Outside or in Gym – no rain-date)

* We will have two presentations of all the dances, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  We will split up each grade level so all classes participate either in the AM OR PM program.  Please mark your calendar with the time of your class/child’s performance listed below.

9:30-10:15AM – Mutch, Papp, Theriault, Rinkus, Sherman, Woods, Santanella, Watson, Scapin, Smith, Tarnowicz

1:45-2:30PM – Downey, Gustafson, Campbell, Capozzi, Dauphinais, Atwood, Caraher, Nanni, Achee, Ferrone, Costley/Roselli


Mrs. Saunders, Music Teacher


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