Incoming 7th Grade Orientation Information

  Canton Middle School Music Programs


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At Canton Middle School, all seventh graders are required to take a music class. Our program is unique in that our students can participate in both the instrumental and choral programs. Seventh grade students that are enrolled in band and/or chorus are also able to choose Music Technology as an experiential elective.


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce (or reintroduce) you and your child to our programs.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of us should you have any questions or concerns. Once again, welcome and we look forward to working with you and your child during the 2013-2014 school year.



This introductory course examines developments in music technology, and relates them to modern musical styles. Students begin by exploring how music affects them personally, through recordings and videos. Students examine the development of music technology and its relationship to Musical Digital Interface (MIDI)/computer applications. Elements of music theory are integrated throughout the course, and culminate in one or more student compositions. Students enrolled in Band and/or Chorus may also sign up for a Music Technology elective.


CHORAL Program

This course introduces the middle school student to choral singing and ensemble skills. Emphasis is placed on vocal development and learning a varied repertoire of music. Performance opportunities at regional music festivals are offered.  Several performance opportunities exist throughout the course of the year. In addition to singing and concert preparation, students will learn many of the elements of music through regular study of music theory, sight-singing, music history, and vocal technique.


Middle School Chamber Singers

Middle School Chamber Singers is a choral group that meets outside of the school day and requires a higher level of individual preparation. Any seventh or eighth grade student enrolled in chorus is encouraged to join with approval of the teacher. Rehearsals are Monday evenings.



The instrumental program consists of two, equally necessary components: small group lessons and large group rehearsals.


Small Group Lessons allow the students the opportunity to “fine tune” and perfect their technical and musical ability on their individual instrument.  Concepts taught during these lessons are utilized during the large group rehearsals. Seeing your child as part of a small group also allows for proper assessment and evaluation of areas of strength and areas that may need work.


Small group lessons are scheduled during the school day.  All band students are scheduled for approximately four 40-minute small group lessons a month.  These lessons occur on a rotating time schedule and work much like what is currently in place at the Intermediate School.  No student should miss a basic subject more than once a month. Occasionally, students may be requested by the academic teacher to reschedule their instrumental lesson due to a classroom activity that the academic teacher deems necessary. In such cases, students simply need to see the instrumental music teacher to reschedule his/her lesson.  Lesson schedules are posted in advance in the music areas and are included on the daily Middle School announcements. It is the student’s responsibility to check his/her lesson time each week. 


Large group rehearsals meet regularly during an assigned 7th or 8th grade class period.  During these rehearsals we focus on band literature representing different musical styles and time periods.  The culmination of these rehearsals is the performance.  All students are expected to attend all performances, which are scheduled January and May this year.


As you can see, both components complement each other and are necessary for your child’s continued musical development.


Middle School Jazz Ensemble is a non-auditioned group that meets outside of the school day. Any seventh or eighth grade student enrolled in band during the school day is encouraged to participate. Rehearsals are one evening a week beginning in October.


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